Climate Controlled Cabinets

Medication, Saline and Other Storage Needs

Used in Ambulances, Fire Trucks and other EMS Vehicles

Hospitals, Dr's Offices, Police Stations

Anywhere that Secure Climate Control is needed or required

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We operate under United States Patent and Trade Mark Office - Document# 6929061


Mermaid Manufacturing of SW Fl, Inc. began making Medi-Kool's a little over 10 years ago.  We are the originator's of the climate controlled, mobile storage solution.  

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All of our units come standard with a Medi-Kool Digital Control Board.  Detailed information is available under 'MK Control Board' (to your left)

Medi-Kool's are compressor based.  We carry a FIVE year warranty on all of our compressors.  Warranty information is located in our Install Guide/ Owner Manual as well as our Full Catalog.   

To date (2015), we still have units operating in the field that go back to 2003 (our original plastic units that we've discontinued).  Think of Medi-Kool the same way as your refrigerator (except that it heats) and is designed, built and shipped to be upright at all times.     

Our units are made from high quality stainless steel - in fact, that's what the 'SS' stands for in our model numbers.  Not only is stainless steel durable, but it is also extremely STERILE, which we know is important in the world of First Responders.

Regardless of the Medi-Kool product you choose, your medication, narcotics, saline or other fluids will be continuously monitored and temperature controlled at any given moment.  Powered by a 12V, low amp draw design, our heating and cooling system provides the climate control you need.  Each unit uses a refrigeration and heating system designed to change the core temperature 40 degrees off ambient (with the exception of the MK Pelican).  

The standard Medi-Kool SS comes equipped with a Medeco lock - these locks cannot be picked and keys cannot be duplicated.  The White House and countless other Federal Buildings around the country use these locks.  Two keys are included with the order of any unit and additional keys can be ordered for an extra charge.    

We do offer other locking options that include electronic locks or just a basic knob if you prefer not having a lock.  Please click on 'Lock Options' for more information.  We can engineer your specific lock to fit any cabinet.  

The smaller units come in MICRO DEPTH or SALINE DEPTH.  We designed these options at the request of our customers.  Micro Depth is a shorter version.  Saline Depth is deeper for additional depth storage.  It all depends on how much room you have if you're doing a remount, or how much room to acclimate if building from spec.  Our dimensions are listed in our catalog and on our products (to your left).

Please let us know what specific dimensions you need if you do not see them here.      

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Our units are designed to maintain temperatures between 35 degrees F, up to 110 degrees F.  They will stretch a little further, but we don't recommend freezing or overheating your content.  Keep in mind you are venting two compressor's on the dual temp units vs one compressor.     

The MK Dual Temp Unit is designed to maintain two separate temperatures within one unit.  Our CEO/Pres/ManInCharge, Mr. Banfield, thought of this idea as he was coming across the Mid-Point/Veterans Bridge from Cape Coral to Ft Myers, on his bike, as he does 4 out of 5 days a week.  

Each section is controlled by its own compressor, climate control board (aka thermostat.)  Perfect for saline storage on one side and drug/narcotic/plasma storage on the other.  Over the last few years we have seriously looked at the issues of secure climate control storage in emergency vehicles.  We recognize that every city, county and state has its own way of operating and drug temps vary based on each/individual market.  

All of our units (with the exception of the MK PELICAN) will reduce the internal cabinet temperature nearly (+40/-40) degrees of ambient!  Certain factors may alter these numbers IE: outside temperature, ventilation, and air con usage. The MK PELICAN will reduce temperature 25-35 degrees off ambient.

For the States that have currently implemented the Induced Hypothermia Protocol (also known as Theraputic Hypothermia), our units will meet or exceed all the current regulatory requirements. 

Medi-Kool units are a simple and efficient solution to any climate control need.


ALS Drug Summary

ALS Pharmacology Summary


It is VERY important that installers understand our venting requirements.

We ask that 36 square inches - the MINIMUM - of space be available for the compressor to breathe.

Outside venting is always the first preferred method, but we realize this is not possible in all vehicle builds and/or scenarios.  

If you are installing one of our Dual Temp Units - double the amount because you are utilizing TWO compressors.  

In a cabinet style setting, good case scenario is to ensure spaces have the room to pull air in and push air out (the larger the unit and install size, fans are most likely best option to ensure air flow, which require seperate 12V sources).  

Mermaid Mfg can provide several different fans and vents sizes to our customers at an additional charge.

We understand that every builder is unique and no vent space is exactly the same (unless your entire fleet is being built at same spec).

Please see our Install / Owner Manual for more information on venting - PDF File is available. 


We recommend a general wipe down of our units before/during every shift change in each First Responder Vehicle (Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Chief SUV's, etc.) although our units are made from stainless steel, sterilization and cleanliness is still important.  

WD40 or any other non-abrasive stainless cleaner will work just fine - don't forget the gray gasket around the fridge (after you open the door)  If it cannot be performed at every shift change, then it should at least be done once a week and whenever vehicle is in for maintenance.    

Understand that our product is made from stainless steel and runs off of ambient (+40/-40) degrees based on the temperature inside or outside the vehicle (and depending on where it is installed, which is up to your spec, re-mount and/or available space).  

During hotter, more humid months, we have seen more condensation build around the doors and have been in the R&D phases for a solutuion - this also depends on how often the vehicle is used (factors such as:  your location, opening/closing of vehicle door, where unit is installed on the vehicle).  Right now, we are asking the unit to be wiped down with a cloth (washcloth works) if condensation builds on the outside door.

Our factory is located in hot and humid Fort Myers, Florida - we feel we are in a very good place to test our units - ask our staff about "206" if you ever call.  All of our immediate and surrounding counties have our units and they work perfectly (to our knowledge as of 07/2014).  


The Medi-Kool product line by Mermaid Manufacturing of SW FL, Inc. operates under United States Patent Number 6929061

We fully reserve the right to protect our product and brand


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**Shipping Disclaimer**

We do not use FedEx or UPS for any shipping.  We strictly abide to having our products shipped via LTL (FREIGHT TRUCK, CLASS 77.5) on a pallet for safe keeping.

Add 50 lbs for pallet weight 




Attached Spec Sheet on Danfoss Compressors, directly from Danfoss (click for PDF file)



Please click below to download our install / owner's' manual 

2015 MK Install Owner Guide


For more specific detailed information on Danfoss BD35F and BD50F compressors - download here



USB Download Instructions

Medi-Kool USB Download Instructions


A single unit with two sections.  Designed to have the ability to cool on one side and heat on the other.  Temperatures in each section can be as low as 34 degrees F or as high as 110 degrees F.  Compressors can be mounted to the rear, right, left or on top of the unit.  No door hinge options.

All Dual Temp Units use two BD35 Danfoss Compressors - please be aware of venting and seperate 12V power source requirements


A single unit with two sections.  Temperatures in each section can be as low as 34 degrees F or as high as 110 degrees F.  Compressors can be mounted to the rear, right, or left of the unit. Doors can be hinged right or left, or a combination of one right and one left.  

This unit uses two BD35 Danfoss Compressors - please be aware of venting space and seperate 12V power source requirements