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Marine Thermostats

Here you will find Mermaid's NEWEST Flush Mount Digital Controller as well as Mermaid's Standard 24v Programmable and Non-Programmable Thermostats.  The Standard Digital Programmable Controller is provided with each and every Mermaid Marine Air Conditioning Unit.  The New Digital Controller can be provided for a nominal upgrade charge.  Our Non-Programmable Thermostat is also available for those folks looking for a simple on/off controller.  There is NO additional charge to select the Non-Programmable Thermostat upon your purchase. Contact us for any additional information needed!  info@mmair.com

Mermaid's Flush Mount Controller

As per your request, Mermaid has a FLUSH MOUNT Digital Programmable Thermostat to provide to you!  This product was a welcomed addition for our 2007 season. Known as the FX-1 flush mount digital, this control is an EXCELLENT option for your installation.

Programmable Thermostat

Mermaid's standard Digital Programmable Thermostat.  Designed to be used with any Mermaid unit.  Programmable features allow for de-humidification.

Non-Programmable T-stat

As an alternative to the standard Digital Programmable Thermostat, we offer a simple Non Programmable Thermostat that can be mounted vertically or horizontally.  It is ideal for applications where programming features will not be necessary. 

43103 Thermostat Manual

Here you will find the Owner's and Operation Guide for the older style themostat - 43103 - used by our firm in the late 1980's thru early 2000's. 

300-224 Thermostat Manual

Here you will find the Mermaid 300-224 Thermostat Owner's and Operations Manual used from 2003-2005.  The entire manual is attached.  Please refer to pages 21-26 for the 300-224 Model Thermostat Instructions.