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No water out of the unit

Your marine air conditioner is not having water show in the "water out" thru-hull.

Put thermostat in OFF position.

Check that sea cock is open. If closed, open and prime pump.

Check raw water strainer. If dirty, clean and prime pump.

Check that pump is running. If pump is faulty, replace and prime.

If this is a new installation, check to make sure that pump, water strainer and sea cock are all below sea level. Pump will not prime if any of these parts are above sea level.  Also ensure the caps are removed from the condensing coil.  These were put on after the unit was water tested at the factory.

If still no water, do a fresh water garden hose flush of the system to ensure nothing is blocked inside the coil.

If further assistance is needed, don't hesitate to contact the Mermaid factory.