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Electric Heat Unit - No Heat - Fan Runs

While operating your marine air conditioner with Electric Heat versus the Reverse Cycle and no heat is discovered.

NOTE: Remember that on electric heat models the pump nor the compressor will run. Only the fan and the heater coil are activated.

Check for loose or disconnected wires in the electrical box. Before opening electrical box remove all 115 vac power from boat.  Contact Mermaid Marine Air if you need additional technical support.

If wiring is deemed good, problem will either be a faulty thermal safety fuse or a faulty heater coil. Usually the thermal fuse is the problem. To replace either item remove the metal cover from around the evaporator by removing two screws on each side and two bracket screws on the top of the evaporator. The evaporator cover will pull straight up exposing the coil and fuse. Both items can be checked with a continuity checker. Replace the faulty item and reposition the cover and replace the retaining screws.

Contact the Mermaid factory for additional assistance if needed.