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Online Troubleshooting

Mermaid Manufacturing strives to produce the finest products on the market and works hard to meet or exceed the demands of today's customers.  With this in mind, Mermaid has created this troubleshooting section to aid you, or your customer, with any issue that may arise.  Should something occur that is not included here, please let our staff know.  We will do our best to include the issue for our current and future customers.

Reverse Cycle Unit - No Heat

While attempting to operate your marine air contioner in the HEAT mode and not heat is discovered.

Electric Heat Unit - No Heat - Fan Runs

While operating your marine air conditioner with Electric Heat versus the Reverse Cycle and no heat is discovered.

High Pressure Switch Activates in the HEAT Mode

During the operation of your marine air conditioner in the HEAT mode, the RESET (high pressure) switch activates.

High Pressure Switch Activates in COOL Mode

While your marine air conditioner is running in the COOL mode, your RESET (high pressure) switch trips off.

Circuit Breaker Will Not Stay On

Your marine air conditioners circuit breaker continues to "trip off."

Condensation Pan Overflows

Your marine air conditioners condensation pan is overflowing.

Air Conditioners Evaporator is Freezing

While the marine air conditioner is running, the evaporator is freezing.  This device looks like a radiator or a car.

No water out of the unit

Your marine air conditioner is not having water show in the "water out" thru-hull.

Compressor runs - Fan does not

When using your thermostat, the compressor turns on, however, your fan does not.

Thermostat in COOL - Fan works - Compressor does not

The thermostat is in the COOL position with only the fan operable on the unit.  The compressor is not running.