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MK Saline SS

The Medi-Kool Saline SS was developed to supply a low cost way to store saline for Hypothermia-Inducement, also known as Therapeutic Hypothermia.  This unit is designed to operate at 34 to 38 degrees.  

 We no longer offer these in the 'Cool Only' style - this unit comes climate controlled.  Doors can be hinged to lift up or drop down, uses the Masterflux Cascade Compressor.

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MEDI-KOOL SALINE SS Specifications

Internal Dimensions

10" Wide x 15 7/8" Deep x 5 3/4" High

External/Cutout Dimensions:
Dimension includes 1" Flange (around the cabinet)
(Does NOT include compressor, see below for compressor dimensions.)

15" Wide x 18 5/8" Deep x 10 1/2" High

Compressor Location and Dimensions:The compressor can be mounted on the left, right, top or rear of a unit.
Please make sure to include the compressor dimensions when measuring for installation.
Compressor Left, Right, Rear:
13" Wide x 7" Deep x  7 1/2" High
Compressor Top:
13" Wide x 7" Deep x 8/12" High

Unit weight is 45lbs.