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Dry-Pal Marine Dehumidifiers

Dry-Pal (tm) dehumidifier's compact and robust design makes it well suited for may different applications.  The Dry-Pal is the right choice for moisture control in boats, campers, cabins or anywhere a compact energy efficient dehumidifier is desired.  The Dry Pal is available in 110v or 220v applications.  The idea dehumidification area is between 250-350 cubic feet.  Additional units are recommended for larger applications.  20-25 pints of condensation can be created with using the formula of 80 degrees F @ 60% relative humidity.  Power consumption is 3.5 amps on 110v (1.75 on 220v) and is designed to be plugged in, turned on, and let run! 

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Dry Pal Dehumidifier

Mermaid's Dry-Pal Dehumidification units are an ideal addition to any vessel, camper, or RV, where dehumdification is a must.  This product can be used instead of using your air conditioning system.  Manfufactured out of 304-18 gauge polished stainless steel.