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New Hot Products! Remote Refrigeration Units

Latest news

Click in here to learn more about what Mermaid has been up to!  Over the years we have done our best to keep up to market trends and requests by our customes for products you would like to see offered by us here at the Mermaid factory.  Please take a look around and we welcome your comments. 

Medi-Kool Conversion Kits & Remote Compressors

The Medi-Kool Division at Mermaid Manufacturing no longer offers the MK Conversion Kits or Remote Compressor Options.  We stopped offering and selling these in 2013.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please give us a call.  

New to Mermaid's Marine Line!

Take a look at what we, at Mermaid, have been up to.  Our customers demanded and we delivered....our newest AC the Mermaid "M24" is solving those larger boats self contained marine a/c needs!  24000 plus BTU in Cool and over 28000 BTU in heat.

Take a look under Marine Division and 24000BTU system!

R-22 Phase Out

As most of you know, the R-22 is being phased out and is currently discontinued.  No worries, we have a solution!  Mermaid Manufacturing of S.W. Florida, Inc. is now a "GO GREEN" company, utilizing non-ozone depleting refrigerants like R410A, R407C, R134A and NU-22D.  If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.